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SEA Type Support in Adobe Products

Adobe creative products are the go-to tools for designers all over the world. One of the long-standing limitations of adobe products was lack of native support for Unicode text shaping for South East Asian scripts. In 2018, we re-engineered our text engines, adopted the open-source shaper, Harfbuzz, and extended our engine to support the South East Asian languages and other complex scripts. We added hyphenation, spell check, and line breaking rules for South East Asian languages. Not only that, the multi-geo workflows that combine SEA scripts with European scripts were also taken care of. Workflows having text in Sinhalese, Thai, Khmer, Lao, Burmese and many more scripts would now be supported natively. This talk will outline details on our work as we undertake this journey of high-fidelity multilingual type support.

SeriesBITS 9
Published6 October 2021